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Bonjour, je m'appelle Marco!

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Arteest Statement

Over the years my work has been eclectic and diverse in the various media used as a means of expressions. One aspect has remained constant: a deep reverence for what some call Eros and others have called Nature. Whether as a printmaker or as a painter, the human female figure and vast landscapes have been my essential focus. Since moving to Oregon, I have rediscovered an old passion: plein air painting. I thrive with the adrenaline rush brought on by tackling mano a mano the complex emotions conveyed by our human perception of the Great Cosmic Outdoors and attempting to translate them, brush in hand, in a state of astonished contemplation.


I grew up and attended school in the foothills of the southern Mediterranean Alps (lycée Carnot, in Cannes). After passing the Baccalauréat, I was accepted at the École Nationale des Beaux Arts in Paris. My plan was to study engraving and printmaking at the Ateliers Cami & Couteau. I missed out on experiencing the revolutionary upheaval of May 1968 as I had transferred to the Allgemein Gewerbeschule in Basel, Slumberland – Switzerland to study graphic design Bauhaus style.

The year spent in Basel was followed by a real hard-knocks education in experimental low carbon travel from France to India and Nepal, through Afghanistan, later hitchhiking through the US and an eleven-month residence in Mexico. In all those travels, I always carried one or several sketchbooks. After Mexico, I settled for some years in Southern France where I was awarded art commissions for street murals. I also created a body of plein air paintings in Bargeme, Valensol, Dormillouse and Callian, often making ends meet as a graphic artist/illustrator and doing manual jobs, most notably as an apprentice Stonemason restoring a medieval castle in the Haut Var.

In the mid 80’s began a new chapter: After a trip to the Sahara desert on a motorcycle in the South of Algeria, I began writing a book on Murals for a Parisian publisher. In documenting murals to be featured in the book, I met Joanna, my future wife, a muralist, who was teaching art in Los Angeles. A baby girl came into the picture, I went for a steady job as an art teacher in the Los Angeles School District for 22 years. During that time I was awarded commissions to create 3 large murals with students for SPARC & the Cultural Affairs of L.A and for the Metropolitan Transit Authority.

In 2000, a second book was completed for the same publisher, on Scratchboard, a process used by artists & illustrators, entitled “Secrets de la Carte a Gratter” or “Secrets of Scratchboard” (LTA, Paris). In 2009 my wife and I moved to Eugene. Coastal Oregon is currently a bountiful source of inspiration, my chosen window into the vast ever-changing yoniverse. I am currently working on several book projects.

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